You Need a Hand Till Instead Of a POS System If This Is Your Business

You Need a Hand Till Instead Of a POS System If This Is Your Business

POS system installation is one of the recommendations you will get from business experts. Also, most entrepreneurs believe that the system is a must-have if you dream of any success in your business. While it is a good idea, it is not a perfect one. At one time or the other, your business may do well with a hand-till than a selling point system.


This might be amazing to you considering the current popularization of a point of sales. Missing one in your venture is the biggest error you can make. However, having one in your business can be the greatest error you will have ever made.  Here are situations when a hand till is the best option:

You are experiencing budgetary constraints

As a startup, financial constraints are a reality. Given that you do not have loyal customers, you need to ensure the little sales generate enough revenue to cover basic costs in your business. However, you still require information to make decisions that will lead to business growth and expansion. As such, you need a system for recording all transactions and other basic functions.

With the current financial status, it may not be easier for you to install a Point of Sales system. Also, considering that the business is still young, it is certain that it does not have complex transactions. Hence, a hand till will be a good option for you at this level.

Business data security is a big concern to you

Unlike the POS system, a hand till faces no security threats. Hand tills are complete equipment. They do not require the installation of software or connect to the internet or computer. In this regard, there is no avenue for virus attacks or online hacking. Hence your data is always secure.

For this reason, if your business data is of significant concern to you, you need to opt for a hand till than installing a point of sale system. Also, if you have experienced constant threats, and your business does not have sophisticated information, you can consider using a hand till instead of the selling point system.

Lack of qualified staffs and Unavailability of training costs

In some situations, you may lack qualified staffs, or you do not have enough revenue to train the current ones on how to use a POS system. If you are experiencing either of the issues, it is high time you opt for a hand till. Unlike the latter, you do not need to train your staffs how to use a hand till. The system is easy to use even for illiterate. Hence, if in this situations, it is advisable to go for a hand till in place of a Point of Sales system.

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