POS Systems: Why They Are Better Than Cash Registers

POS Systems: Why They Are Better Than Cash Registers

Are you using cash registers or a POS system in your business? Choosing between these two forms of processing transactions can be a challenge at times. As a small business owner, you may be in a confusion of whether to install a selling point system or continue using cash registers. All you need is to issue a receipt and get some records of your sales.

In fact, running a small business is not a big deal. You can do a one on one stock taking. You only have less than ten employees. The customers seeking your service are less. So, why should you spend lots of cash installing a Point of Sales system when a cash register can do? Here are the reasons:

It is hard to manage your inventories

As you know, inventory is the central resource in your business after your staffs. It is the source of both customers and cash flows. Thus, you need to manage it effectively. For you to succeed in this affair, you require real-time information of its current status. A cash register only records the items sold but does not show the number of pieces of each item currently available in your store.

Hence, your staffs must undertake extra counting job after each business day to determine your stock levels. Certainly, the results will be full of errors as most of your employees were busy during the day. However, with a POS system, there is an automatic updating of inventory levels. As such, managing your inventory becomes easy.

Generation of real-time reports

Reports are an integral part of any business. You require reports to obtain information for your business decisions. Particularly, in the modern era of high competition in the business niche, a little delay in decision making can be the last nail in your life as an entrepreneur. With a cash register, getting reports such as sales, inventory, and cash flow analytics is not an easy task.

You have to carry on manual calculations and record analysis. This task is tiresome and prone to human errors. Hence it has the possibility to delay your decision-making process. In contrary, a POS system generates various reports and updates them after every transaction. Thus, you do not have to struggle with obtaining real-time information for decision making.


With this information, you can ascertain that a Point of Sales system is far much better than the cash register. The system enables you to manage your inventory and to generate real-time information for decision making.

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